Frequently asked…


Q: We know you have great food & products, but what about BEVERAGES & bathrooms?

A: Thanks! We’re an outdoor market, so our facilities are limited –but– some vendors have drinks for sale at the market, and you are welcome to visit Starbucks (in the strip mall right next door) if you need to use the restroom.

Q: Will my kids be bored? Can my PET tag along?

A: While we are a small market, we hope you’ll stay long enough to visit and speak with all of our vendors. While you’re doing that, feel free to send the kiddos over to the Mariemont Elementary School playground right next door to the market

Regarding animals: we don’t encourage packs of wild dogs to roam the Market, for instance, but of course the well-behaved are welcome. Just please keep them on a short leash and monitor them, as there are visitors and vendors in close quarters, and others may have pets nearby.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any injuries incurred by the presence of animals at the event.


A: We’re glad that you want to visit, and sorry that you can’t make it! The logistics of creating and running an event like this are tedious, and it takes a lot of work to meet the needs of everyone involved – the vendors, the visitors, and the Village. This is a fluid process though, and we will continue to monitor and tweak things as necessary so that it is a successful event for everyone. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes – please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Additionally, we will soon be offering unique products from our vendors through our online Market Shop – so if you can’t visit in person, you can still shop local, remotely! Again, subscribe to our newsletter for this new information as it becomes present.

Q: I want to participate! how do I become a vendor?

A: First, thank you for your interest! We strive for high quality products and presentation from our vendors, and we hope to continue to expand our market in this way. If you’re interested in applying, please visit the Vendor Application page here: Apply to be a Vendor. All inquiries are reviewed by the Market Organizer and will be responded to as soon as possible.

Q: Who runs the show? is this a public or private venture?

A: Very good question. While the Village of Mariemont generously supports this event (through a myriad of ways), it is a privately-run market. That being said, everyone who participates behind-the-scenes is a volunteer – from the founder, director, and weekly event staff, to the designers and marketers – which is pretty amazing. They love the Village and community, and believe strongly in supporting local small businesses, so any funds that the Market might generate is put directly back into the event.

We are continually trying to find ways to help this Market succeed and grow, so If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would love to have you!